June 2014, Ignite a Fine Art Challenge

I took this photo last month while exploring an abandoned location with my friend and her daughter (for a fine art senior portrait session, see more here).  As luck would have it Jean (Em’s mom) spotted this broken carousel horse just laying in a heap in the corner.  It was heavy, but we managed to drag it into the desired spot for this photo.  I still can’t believe it was there.  And looking back I am not sure how we managed to move it, it was very heavy, I guess it was meant to be.

This one is still untitled.  Any suggestions?  Please leave in comments below 🙂  Thanks again for stopping by.

Please continue through the circle to see what my friends have been up to this month, starting with Katie, Kate Suzanne Photography, Asheville, NC.


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  • Joseph Bruno

    How about “Graceland” – beautiful job, as always.ReplyCancel

  • Pamela Joye

    good lord – they do say inspiration finds you working right? and here, inspiration found you a carousal horse. how do you find these places? seriously. so many ruined locations. i have no idea how you achieved billowing dress in the wind but it is surreal. your work often feels pre-raphaelite – in the way you pose and the scenes you choose. i admire how you framed this with the cascading ivy on the wall behind and the vertical pieces of wood lined up along the wall. her hair color really draws me square and center – the dress takes me out and about into the scene, the ivy brings me back to her and that horse. still godsmacked by that gem.ReplyCancel

  • Therese Louise Kehner

    Susan, when I first viewed this photograph last night, I was captivated by the beauty of it. The horse (for me) elevates the photo from beautiful to mystical. I feel like I am entering a fairytale in the best sense of the word. The heroine of this fairytale doesn’t need a prince, although she would be happy to have one. She has her own horse. Her gown looks like she is galloping in the air. I see feminine strength and vulnerability. The title that comes up for me is Emily’s Thunder. ReplyCancel

  • Katie Linsky Shaw

    Wowzer! For lack of a more eloquent word! But absolutely stunning. And the horse was right there??? Nice find! I hope you took it home. This entire series is amazing. I hope you’re offering fine art senior sessions. This is so different from what other photographers are doing and SO much more meaningful…a true art piece!ReplyCancel

  • Valeria Sereia

    Amazing image …everything about it is stunning. “Wild Horse” that’s the name it comes to me.ReplyCancel

  • January Skye

    Wow – to say this is stunning is an understatement! To me, this is my romantic ideas versus reality haha! I pretty much love everything about this and what i think is so amazing is the amount of contrast within the image – her hair contrasting with the green behind her, the fantasy of her on her horse with billowing dress against the harsh ruined surroundings, her and her horses smooth clean beauty surrounded by ugly buildings and strong textures. Ahh it is just sooo lovely. Every month just gets better 🙂 I’m terrible at names but maybe Discarded Dreams or Ravaged Fairytale? ReplyCancel

  • Cindy Darling

    DOMINANCE. Thah’s the first word that comes to mind.ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie Wendt

    Out of this world beautiful!ReplyCancel

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