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I'm Susan

I am a photographer who has been in love with the art of photography since the age of 18.   For me, the camera has been a way for me to remember my life. Without images my life is a blur.  With them it is a testament to who I have been and who I dream of being.   I am a daydreamer, a wanderer and adventurer.  

I beleive that we all have the right to express ourselves as we are.  Unique individuals with our own identity.

My motto is, "Be fearless, be you."

Let me help you tell your story.  I specialize in photographing high school seniors that are looking for one-of-a-kind images.  This is what I do.  I get so much joy out of showing you the images we create together.  

My fine art work tells my story and has been shown in galleries across the US and has won multiple awards.

2016 was a great year for me!  I am a founding member of We Are The Seen.  We Are The Seen works with the best photographers to find original people to represent We Are The Seen and tell their stories.  In 2016 SGP had two winning models in The 12 Seen competition.

The winning models (Maren and Isabella) and I were lucky enough to have traveled to New Orleans and Las Vegas where they were photographed for We Are The Seen Magazine.  I also had the opportunity to photograph the girls for the magazine on 2 separate occassions.  

To view the images that were submitted to the magazine check out the links below.

Maren's shoot for SEEN Magazine

Isabella's shoot for SEEN Magazine

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